Diploma In Oil And Gas : This course is basically proposed for candidates who aspire to have a career in the field of oil  and gas industry. It offers conference and training’s ranging from exploration , appraisal , development  (completion and production) etc. We built on extensive real-world experience in every corner of the oil and gas value chain. We combine the insight from our alliance member companies with the knowledge of seasoned industry experts to help with your most complex challenges.We specialize in oil and gas industry  courses because we believe that a small amount of time and money spent to understand our broad and complicated industry is a wise investment that can improve performance and decision‐making over an entire career.

      Field Study

  •  Basics of oil and gas
  • Seismic Survey
  • Hoisting Components
  • Rotting Components
  • Drilling Fluid
  • BHA , Casing and Cementing
  • BOP
  • Well testing
  • Mud loging & Coring
  • Completion
  • Fishing
  • slick Line
  • well head and work over
  • HSE.



This basic drilling technology course addresses the technology used to drill wells from a fundamental view point. Equipment and procedures involved with drilling oil and gas wells are described for those who are interested in understanding the drilling process regardless of academic background.

Field Study

  • Basics of Drilling
  • Drilling operations
  • Mud logging
  • Well testing
  • Completion
  • Production
  • Well head maintenance
  • Basics of Ring site Safety
  • HSE

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