CIVIL QA/QC ENGINEERING & QUANTITY SURVEYING : Quality is one of the critical  factors in the success of construction projects. Quality of construction projects as well as project success can be regarded as the fulfillment of expectations (i.e the satisfaction) of the project participants. The construction industry has been struggling with quality issues for many years. construction coasts can be significantly reduced if the construction industry embraces the concepts of quality assurance and control that has been used with great success by services and manufacturing industries.

QA/QC in Civil Engineering

Field Study

  • Quality basics
  • Quality management system
  • Materials in construction & control
  • Practical civil Engineering
  • Soil & Aggregate test
  • test on concrete, cement, bitumen etc
  • safety requirement for testing
  • Construction safety
  • introduction to project management
  • Quality documentation & report preparation
  • industrial safety awareness
  • Soft skill training



Field Study

  • Rebound hammer test
  • Penetration resistance
  • Profometer
  • Ultrasonic pulse velocity
  • Half-cell electrical potential method
  • Visual inspection etc



Field Study

  • Quantity surveying basics
  • Estimation of buildings
  • Estimation of RCC items
  • Rate analysis
  • Estimation of miscellaneous items
  • Estimation of road , estimation of bridges & buildings
  • Valuation